Academic Policies
Code # Subject

AP01 Graduation Requirements

AP02 School Counselors

AP03 Grade Cards and Grading Scale

AP04 Cheating

AP05 Athletic Eligibility

AP06 Class Officers & Elections

Attendance Policy
Code # Subject

AT01 Attendance and Tardiness

AT02 Check-in/Check-out Procedures

AT03 Tardy Procedures

AT04 Make-up Work

AT05 General Absences

AT06 Late Bus

AT07 Field Trips

AT08 Compulsory School Attendance

Student Behavior
Code # Subject

SB01 Bus Students

SB02 Cell Phones

SB03 Chewing Gum, Eating & Drinking

SB04 Drug and Medication Policy

SB05 Electronic Devices

SB06 Hall Traffic

SB07 Hands Off Policy

SB08 Profanity

SB09 Smoking & Tobacco Use

SB10 Student Suspension

SB11 Substitute Teachers

SB12 Weapons, Dangerous Instruments & Alcohol

Dress Code
Code # Subject

DC01 Student Dress Code

General School Policies
Code # Subject

GS01 Announcements

GS02 Balloons, Floral Arrangements & Gifts

GS03 Class Dismissal

GS04 Fire Drills

GS05 Hall Passes

GS06 Illness or Injury Procedure

GS07 Library

GS08 Lockers

GS09 Messages

GS10 Posters & Announcements

GS11 Prom

GS12 School & Personal Property

GS13 Textbooks

GS14 Visitors

Campus Traffic Rules
Code # Subject

TR01 Automobile Traffic Rules

Cafeteria & Lunch
Code # Subject

CA01 Cafeteria & Lunch Hour

CA02 Intramural Sports

Rhea County School System
Code # Subject

RC01 Attention Parents

RC02 Classroom Teacher Disclosure

RC03 Discrimination Grievance Procedure

RC04 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

RC05 Nuclear Evacuation Plan

RC06 Violent Crime Victims