Principal's Corner

Message from the Principal

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to Rhea County High School for the 2017-2018 school year for the beginning of your high school career in our beautiful school on Eagle Lane. We are excited to have each of you as a new addition to our family.

As you look around, you will see a school that is state of the art and second to no other school in the state of Tennessee. With that being said, it will take all of us working together to take care of our new facility and ensure that it remains in the best condition possible for many years to come.

It is important that you read the handbook and take the information in the handbook seriously. You need to keep the handbook where it can be easily located and, also, to refer to it often in order to remind you of the expectations that are required of every student at Rhea County High School.

I want to encourage you to do your very best, every day, and to make your studies a top priority in order to meet all of your academic requirements this year. It is very important that you set goals, the most important of which is to do everything necessary to stay on track and graduate on time with your class.

To those of you who are entering the 2017-2018 freshman class, I want to emphasize the importance of getting off to a good start this school year and to begin to look forward to graduating in 2021. In the past, students who have had difficulties during high school that jeopardized their graduation indicated that it was because they got behind during their freshman year and could never seem to get back on track. Our administrative team, teachers, and school counselors are here to help you in the event that you begin to fall behind. Be sure to ask any one of them for help if you begin to struggle academically.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure success is to make a commitment to be at school every day unless you are not physically able to be here. Students who make that commitment have very litttle trouble keeping up with their acadmic requirements.

I want you to know that the administration and staff of Rhea County High School is committed to our students and will do anything we can to help and encourage you throughout this school year. My office door is always open to you whenever you need me. I wish you a very successful year at Rhea County High School.

Best wishes,

Jesse Messimer, Principal