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Rhea County High School

Heather Dye

9th Grade Counselor

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Welcome to RCHS!! Can you believe you are in high school?  I can't wait to start our journey together!  I know that August 5th will be a mixture of excitement and fear.  My job at RCHS is to make sure that you succeed.  Come see me if you have any issues with your transition into high school.  Parents can come see me too:)
I will meet with each 9th grader before Christmas.  We will discuss interests and strengths.  Based on those two things, we will come up with a 4 year plan for high school.  A copy of the plan will be sent home for parents/guardians to review.  By the end of the year we will have a list of all the classes that will be taken prior to graduation.  I will also make sure that each of you know about any other resources available that will help you succeed. 
Also remember that in high school each class is worth a credit.  Each year the credits are added together. You must earn 22 to graduate.  If you fail a class, you do not earn the credit.  The only way to earn back credits lost is Summer School or expensive on line classes.  YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO FAIL! Always do your best!!








Also remember all athletes- need to register with the clearing house. This is the only way that colleges/universities can contact you about playing for their school, or award you any money to play at their school. You can click on the NCAA link below to register for Division I or II schools. If you are planning to attend an NAIA school their website is  

Make an appointment if you get confused.
















Here are some web-sites that you may find interesting/helpful:



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