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New Information 7/31/17

The best way to get information from me is via text message or email.  If you have not signed up to get my messages, you can email me at or send a text to 81010 with the message @rchs18.

I am only about half way finished with schedules.  I will notify you when I know more.

Mr. Messimer is allowing you to leave after 6th period so I have gone ahead and scheduled this for some of you.  

I am only seeing students with mistakes on Friday, August 4. If you turned in your request, you can see me on Monday, August 8. If you didn't turn in your request and are wanting to get rid of all the study halls on your schedule, you can see me on Tuesday, August 9th.

If you are in Maintenance and Light Repair 2, Ms. Massengill is requiring you to take MLR 3 for your certfiication.

If you are in Nursing Services, we just found out last week that you also have to take Anatomy and Physiology.

Ms. Massengill is allowing students who have room in their schedule to take MEPS or Structural Systems I.



You are the only one that can ensure you are successful!

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I am Ms. Amy Wood. I graduated from UTC in 2003 with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. I worked in the field for a year before realizing I needed to go back to school. While in school the second time, I worked with college freshman at UTC for three years. I graduated from UTC in 2007 with a Masters of Education: School Counseling. I started at RCHS in August 2007 and love it!


Current Information

As your Senior Counselor, I am able to provide you with various services. I conduct individual and group counseling, classroom guidance, schedule changes, and assist with testing. I am a firm believer in POSITIVE THINKING and in CONTROLING YOUR OWN ACTIONS. You may reach me in several different ways.  Email is the fastest way to reach me.

Email address:      Phone number: 423-286-6833    Fax number: 423-285-6829