Boy's Tennis (2020)

Rhea County Eagle Tennis 2021

The Rhea County Tennis team got their season cut short last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but were able to post a record of 3-0 prior to the shutdown.

The teams are coached by James Fields (boys) and Lil Andrews (girls) and is looking to get the season started out on a good note in 2021.


**Spring Break, March 15-19**

March 22, Monday             Bradley Central                    Home        4:00

March 23, Tuesday             Hixson*                             Home        4:00

March 25, Thursday           Red Bank*                         Away        4:00

March 30, Tuesday             Soddy-Daisy*                      Home        4:00

March 31, Wednesday         Stone Memorial*                   Away        4:00

April 6, Tuesday                Bradley Central                    Away        4:00

April 7, Wednesday            Cookeville*                         Home        4:00

April 12, Monday               Meigs County                      Home        4:00

April 13, Tuesday              Hixson*                             Away        4:00

April 16, Friday                White County*                     Away        4:00

April 20, Tuesday              Red Bank*                         Home        4:00

April 22, Thursday             Walker Valley                      Home        4:00

April 23, Friday                Dekalb County*                    Away        4:00

April 26, Monday               McMinn County                    Away        4:00

April 27, Tuesday              Signal Mountain                    Away        4:00

April 28, Wednesday           Soddy-Daisy* (Chatt State)     Away        4:00

*District 6-AAA match



April 29, Thursday               Dist. Division—Girls TEAM Semi #2 at #1       4:00

April 30, Friday                  Dist. Division—Boys TEAM Semi #2 at #1       4:00

May 3, Monday                  DIST. 6-AAA TEAM FINALS at Rhea Co.       TBD                                                                               

May 5-6, Wed-Thurs            Dist. Division--INDIVIDUAL Semis at Rhea Co. TBD

May 7, Friday                    DIST. 6-AAA INDIVIDUAL FINALS at Cookeville TBD                                                                             

May 13, Thursday               REGION 3-AAA-TEAM GIRLS (Dist.5 team hosts)

May 14, Friday                  REGION 3-AAA-TEAM BOYS  (Dist.5 team hosts)

May 17-18, Mon-Tues.          REGION 3-AAA-INDIVIDUAL TOURNEY (Dist.5 hosts)


May 20, Thursday               SECTIONAL TEAM—Girls           TBD

May 21, Friday                  SECTIONAL TEAM—Boys           TBD

May 25-28, Tues-Fri                 SPRING FLING—STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS—Murfreesboro